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Knowing An Organization’s Data Management Maturity Promotes Effective Open Data Program Planning

  By Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D Hearing about an open data program like the EPA's makes you realize how the many interrelated program components can impact open data program planning in a complex organization. Inventorying the assets of such an organization makes you aware of this very quickly, especially when you step back and evaluate where each data element in the inventory came from, where each data element is going, and how it's going to get there. Each data element in a data asset inventory has its own "lifecycle" that when properly managed provides a framework for tracking and optimizing how data are used from creation through obsolescence. In most cases data are managed in groups. Data groupings can be defined in a myriad of ways. Some approaches reflect how data are physically organized. Other groupings involve development different categories of metadata that have been standardized for use across different data sets. An example of the latter is shown in India’


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