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This article is a reprint of a Durham Press Release. A wealth of public data exists, but accessing it can sometimes be time consuming. Now, thanks to a new local government partnership, “open data” in Durham is just months away from becoming a reality. The City of Durham and Durham County Government are embarking on an open data partnership that will lay the groundwork for businesses, non-profits, journalists, universities, and residents to access and use the wealth of public data available between the two government organizations, while becoming even more transparent to the residents of Durham. A relatively new concept according to technology industry analyst Gartner, Inc., “open data” refers to the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other forms of control. “This is a unique collaborative effort that demonstrates a regional commitment,” said Dur…


Temple University has discovered a way to eliminate the virus from cells
Anti LGBT Protest in San Francisco. Creative Commons License attribution to:  Jenny Mealing The elimination of HIV/AIDS will transform society. It would be a historic moment in medicine and give us a chance to examine ourselves and the history of tolerance toward the disease and those at high risk for contracting HIV. I am part of GenX and graduated from high school in 1985 and from college in 1994. I have lived my entire adult life under the threat of infection from HIV. In the early 1990s I lost several friends to the disease. I had one very harrowing experience in 1990 being tested for HIV and being certain that I was infected. It turns out I was not infected. HIV/AIDS has had such an impact on our culture and how we interact with others. As much as my daughter cannot know what it was like to live before …


As you can see from the figure, September and November are not far below October. Some readers may wonder why there is a surge in API calls starting in May of 2014. May through October was spent building open source service architectures on Red Hat JBOSS Switch Yard that could mine and automatically append data sets within the Open Raleigh Portal. Open Raleigh uses a responsive web design that is friendly to most handheld devices but the API needs a little help to push data into the portal. The portal itself releases every data set as an API endpoint. This API is a READ only API. Writing some code we can have the Socrata portal allow us to append data sets. Socrata is not alone in the Web/Mobile [First] category. ESRI, CKAN and to some extent, Junar are architected on the same principals. This is not a direct criticism or endorsement of any particular platform. …