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The Open Data Institute Comes to NC

  by  Ian Henshaw Cary, NC – The Open Data Institute of London, UK has a node in North Carolina – the  Open Data Institute of North Carolina  (ODI NC). Local Open Data guru  Jason Hare  chartered the Node in October 2013 and finally convinced local entrepreneur  Ian Henshaw  to come on board as CEO. What is the Open Data Institute? The Open Data Institute is catalyzing the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value. It helps unlock supply, generates demand, creates and disseminates knowledge to address local and global issues. We convene world-class experts to collaborate, incubate, nurture and mentor new ideas, and promote innovation. We enable anyone to learn and engage with open data, and empower our teams to help others through professional coaching and mentoring. What is a Node of the Open Data Institute? Each ODI Node has agreed to adopt the ODI Charter, which is a open source codification of the ODI itself, and embodies principles of open

The Open Data Roadmap: Borrowing from the Pioneers

Recently I had the pleasure of working with +Denis Parfenov and his team on crafting the Open Government Action Plan for Ireland. This weekend, Denis shared with his open data colleagues around the world the draft that Ireland would be putting forth and asked for feedback. I thought back to 2012 when I was just starting on the Open Raleigh website. Certainly the roots were there. I had the benefit of +Gail M. Roper and her existing work on building an Open Raleigh Program. I also had the benefit of Raleigh City Council's Open Data Resolution championed by +Bonner Gaylord . When I arrived I got my city laptop, a desk and some advice on how to approach building the program. Ultimately, it felt a little like looking at a white sheet of paper and thinking to myself "now what". I was fortunate in that Francis Maude had recently published " Unleash the Potential ". This white paper spelled out the open data program for the UK. In the document was the following: A v