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Cease and Desist Order Issued Against German FOI Portal "Frag den Staat"

  German Ministry of the Interior has issued   Frag den Staat , (a German FOI portal run by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany) with a cease and desist order, for publishing a document on EU party quotas which they obtained under the FOI law. Below is the English translation from the Frag den Staat blog. Please republish and lend your support. Access to data is supported by the ODI, OKF, the OGP and many other world wide organizations. Cease and desist by the German government for publishing a document received under FOI law The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has sent a cease and desist order to the Freedom of Information (FOI) portal for publishing a document received under the German federal FOI law. The document – a five page study written by government staff – analyses a ruling by the German constitutional court in November 2011 which declared the 5% party quota for the European Parliament elections as unconstitutional. The study concludes that setting a

Make 2014 the year you get involved: Code for America in NC

Posted on January 2, 2014 by Ian Henshaw What is Code for America? Code for America is a 501(c)3 non-profit that envisions a government by the people, for the people, that works in the 21st century. Our programs change how we participate in government by: connecting citizens and governments to design better services, encouraging low-risk settings for innovation; and, supporting a competitive civic tech marketplace. Code for America in NC In 2014, NC will have a large percentage of the Code for America activities in the US.NC Cities with a Code for America Fellowship Program Charlotte NC Cities with Code for America Brigades Asheville Cary Charlotte Durham Morrisville (forming) Raleigh What is a Code for America Fellowship? The Fellowship is Code for America’s best known program and consists of a one year residency placing developers, designers and researchers within local governments. Over the course of the program, fellows and government partners build apps, inspire new thinking am