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A Response from Mark Wainwright on my ODI and OGP Blog Post:

  From Mark Wainwright I was interested to read your blog post about ODIs, the OGP and open data. It's good to know that people are on the back of the governments about ensuring they follow through with their Open Data commitments. From Jason Hare I welcome Mark's comments as well as those from the OKFN. Where I have represented the OKFN at large I have replaced that wording with OKFN Ireland. My comments are my own and do not reflect the views of any organization or company with which I am affiliated. I look forward to meeting my open data colleagues for a lively discussion on topics relating to the opening of government data. I am hoping the subject centers around governance rather than technology. Good policy always triumphs over technology. MARK'S COMMENT 1: "A couple of things you said surprised me. I don't know that, in the UK at least, the ODI is a watchdog of the government's transparency portal. For sure the ODI are doing great work - I'm just not

The Open Data Institute is Integral to the Open Government Partnership

  National and regional nodes of the Open Data Institute (@UKODI) must be established in every Open Government Partnership member country. With the  ODI Summit  and the  OGP Summit  occurring during the same week in London at the end of October, I have been thinking about the role the ODI must play in Open Government Data. Let's have a few definitions and a little backstory to the ODI, the OGP and the current state of Open Government Data. Why do we need governance? We are now closing in on the 5th year of a vigorous world wide movement to open data within government. There have been some successes and some mainstreaming. The adoption of open data by default with Whitehouse Memorandum M13-13, the G8 Charter on Open Data and certainly 59 countries agreeing to participate internationally as OGP members are signs that we are moving in the right direction. There is room for improvement. The OGP requirements leave room for interpretation, the Whitehouse has not followed through on signi