Morrisville Councilman Steve Rao: Town Hall Meeting


Councilman Steve Rao and Family
Today, Monday, December 8th at 4:00 PM Morrisville Councilman Steve Rao is hosting his sixth Virtual Town Hall of the year. These innovative events have been used by Councilman Rao throughout the year to keep in touch with citizens in Morrisville and throughout North Carolina and to provide updates and take questions on a variety of topics.

The last Virtual Town Hall was on the potential for Open Data to revolutionize government and featured special guest Ian Henshaw of the Open Data Institute. It was attended by people throughout North Carolina and also from the United Kingdom and from India.

Today’s event will review what has happened in the Triangle area in the past year and look forward to 2015.
These are part of a larger initiative by Councilman Rao to spur innovation in the state by applying the latest technologies to solve our public policy problems.

To attend, you must RSVP at the link below and have a computer equipped to log into a Google Hangout. Remember, the event is today at 4 PM. Please come prepared with questions and be sure you do not miss this unique opportunity to participate in government as it is run in the 21st century.


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