Open Data Discussion by Councilman +Steve Rao


Morrisville Demo Portal from +Socrata

An Evening with Morrisville City Council

The evening ended with my discussion on Open Data and my desire to have Council adopt an Open Data policy.

I presented to Council, on the benefits of Open Data to the citizens, with the primary benefit, being that open data in machine readable format will enable citizens to create apps, which can bring efficiency to the Town, make our lives easier. Also, open data can fuel economic growth with a few projects, getting off the ground, by venture funding, creating jobs, and opportunities.

Morrisville Open Data Portal

With our focus on Morrisiville, I presented what a Morrisville Open DataPortal would look like, presented open data sets with CAMPO Data and also presented the City of Chicago open data sets for transportation. I cannot think of a better way for us to lead with a Transportation Task Force, if we can have an Open Data pilot, where citizens can use this type of data to provide feedback, arrive at solutions for transportation challenges we face.

Next Steps to an "Open Morrisville"

Staff has been directed to deliver a briefing to Council, an Administrative Report, and I am in favor of the Town drafting an Open Data Resolution, funding a pilot, and join the growing list of cities, launching open data initiatives.
Thanks to Raleigh Open Data Manager and Morrisville citizen, +Jason Hare for his assistance with the data and I look forward to his continued participation in this area.


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