Open Source Way is celebrating Open Government Week with a series of articlesincluding this one. Open Government Week is always a time for reflection on what has changed in the previous 12 months, and this year is no exception. Open Raleigh is nearing it’s second year as a program. Open Raleigh shares this milestone with the Open Data Institute (ODI) which is also nearing a second birthday. The Open Data Institute has had significant influence over the development of the Open Raleigh program and over open data as a movement. The ODI was one of the first institutions to suggest an open data strategy and philosophy that stresses inclusiveness and collaboration. This collaborative, regional approach has since become a hallmark of Open Raleigh and more and more what has become the norm for open data movements across the United States. Open Raleigh has made its project management, white papers, policies, and source code open. By making the Open Raleigh program an ope…