Triangle Regional Data Jam

The Where and What
Yesterday when I was writing about the history of the Triangle Data Jam I forgot to post where and when and a link to the event registration.

The Data Jam is Really Happening

Dr. Rajiv Shah and Todd Park at the USAID Data Jam

The Data Jam that is happening in two weeks came together through the efforts of many folks. +Jason Widen, +Mital Patel, +Chris Gergen, +Erin Monday, +Zach Ambrose all worked very hard and graciously included me in the club starting this past December.

It All Started When...
In December at the White House there was a USAID Data Jam. Until that moment I only thought of the White House in terms of I was not aware of the amazing job The Office of Science and Technology does in promoting the use of open data. I attended the event. Everyone else there was Federal and I was the only municipal person. I keep meaning to blog about. I returned and I gave my presentation to the Raleigh HUB. It was Chris Gergen that got me the invite from Nick Sinai.
And Down to the Wire
Planning the data jam was exciting. At times not knowing exactly who was going to be here and what the venue would be was frustrating. What data sets would we have and would our portal be ready on time? When we started planning for this I had been with the city for 9 weeks or so. I did not know many folks within the city but I did know several people in Socrata.

Socrata worked with me to develop a time line that was realistic. We launched right on time. March 15th was the go live date for the portal that will house the Data Jam data. After the launch and the press coverage getting data is much easier. State and county agencies as well as the surrounding municipalities are all participating. This is about our region and not one city. Our municipalities and county have come together to collaborate on a regional data ecosystem. One person did not do this. Dozens of people from all over the Triangle gave their input and time to move the discussion toward cooperation and not competition.

The Regional Data Jam is a celebration of community as much as it is data.


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